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Randox reagents have been used in the veterinary market for over 30 years and are scientifically proven to work successfully with many different species of animals*. The biochemical composition of all animals, including humans, is very similar; thus, although made from human compounds, our assays are suitable for use in the veterinary market. In addition, the wide measuring ranges of our assays ensure suitability across a vast range of species.

Our range of veterinary reagents include a range of useful assays such as Zinc to detect poisoning (particularly useful for household pets due to the prevalence of zinc in various household items which can easily be ingested by curious pets); Copper to detect deficiency (particularly useful for cattle as a result of increased molybdenum, naturally found in some soils and fertiliser, leading to depleted copper levels in the body); and, 5th Generation Bile Acids, a very sensitive and specific hepatic function marker for the detection of liver damage (particularly beneficial to indicate conditions such as Cholestasis, Ragwort poisoning, and Portosystemic venous shunts, a hereditary condition in cats and dogs).

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