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Autosampler, Model AS3000


Order No. Description Quantity
AS3000 ClinLab® Autosampler, Model AS3000, complete 1 pce.
  consisting of:  
  Autosampler, power supply cable, fuses, manual  
AS3101 Power supply cable 1 pce.
AS3102 RS232 Serial cable 1 pce.
AS3201 Fuse 250 V, T 0.5 A 1 pce.
AS3202 Fuse 250 V, T 0.8 A 1 pce.
FK5000 PEEK Starterkit 1 pce.
  Fingertight fitting, in one piece, 1/16" 5 pcs.
  Fingertight fitting, in one piece, narrow head, 1/16" 5 pcs.
  Hex head nut, 1/16" 5 pcs.
  Double ferrule, 1/16" 5 pcs.
  Union, 1/16" 1 pce.
  ClinLab® Plus,   cutter and flange tool 1 pce.
FK5301 Sample loop, PEEK, 10 µl 1 pce.
FK5302 Sample loop, PEEK, 20 µl 1 pce.
FK5303 Sample loop, PEEK, 50 µl 1 pce.
FK5304 Sample loop, PEEK, 100 µl 1 pce.
FK5305 Sample loop, PEEK, 500 µl 1 pce.
FK5401 Sample loop, stainless steel, 10 µl 1 pce.
FK5402 Sample loop, stainless steel, 20 µl 1 pce.
FK5403 Sample loop, stainless steel, 50 µl 1 pce.
FK5404 Sample loop, stainless steel, 100 µl 1 pce.
FK5405 Sample loop, stainless steel, 500 µl 1 pce.


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