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UV-VIS-Detector, Model UV3000


Order No. Description Quantity
UV3000 ClinLab® UV / VIS-Detector, Model UV3000, complete 1 St.
  consisting of:  
  Digital electronic unit, detector cell, test cell, power   supply cable,  
  signal cable (analogue output), autozero-cable, hydrodynamic  
  restrictor, fuses, adapters, fittings, user manual  
UV3101 Power supply cable 1 pce.
UV3102 Signal cable (analogue output) 1 pce.
UV3103 Autozero-cable 1 pce.
UV3104 CINCH-Connector 2xV (male - male) 1 pce.
UV3201 Fuse 250 V, T 0.8 A 1 pce.
UV3202 Fuse 250 V, T 1 A 1 pce.
UV3203 Fuse 250 V, T 2 A 2 pcs.
UV3301 Detector cell 1 pce.
UV3302 Test cell 1 pce.
UV3303 Hydrodynamic restrictor 1 pce.
UV3401 Deuterium lamp 1 pce.


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