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Order No. Description Quantity
SW1000 Software-Packet ClarityTM: 1 pce.
  consisting of:  
  Basis-software, 2 control moduls, A/D-converter  
  (for data aquisition and chromatography evaluation*, as well   as for  
  controlling an HPLC-system)  
SW1100 Basis-Software ClarityTM 1 pce.
  (for data aquisition and chromatography evaluation*)  
  Software-extension moduls:  
SW1201 Modul for an additional HPLC-system 1 pce.
SW1202 Modul for system suitability tests 1 pce.
  Control moduls:  
SW1301 Control modul for HPLC-instruments like pump, detector, etc. 1 pce.
SW1302 Control modul for Autosampler 1 pce.
SW1601 A/D-converter (internal PCI-board), 1-channel, incl. cable 1 pce.
SW1602 A/D-converter (internal PCI-board), 2-channels, incl. cable 1 pce.
SW1701 RS232 Serial cable 1 pce.


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